Plant & Technology


KVS Group expanded its wings by venturing into the FMCG Sector laying the foundation for Devarpan and establishing a massive plant in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. The factory covers a massive area and has hundreds of active employees who work hard to serve the best quality product to the consumers. We at Devarpan believe that quality is paramount and hence take care of our workers and make sure they operate in the most hygienic environment possible.


The growth and success that Devarpan has achieved over a short period of time has been nothing short of exceptional. We aim to put a smile on our customers’ faces and to do that a company must deliver. Therefore, we use the best infrastructure and technology. The apparatus used by Devarpan to manufacture the products comes from some of the most trusted, respected and technologically advanced sources from around the world. The machines we use are imported from countries like Russia, China and the United States to name a few. Because we believe that quality must never be compromised.